The Atlantic offers a report on the indictment of Liberty Reserve, a massive online currency operation that brazenly laundered money around the world.  How much money? Liberty Reserve, the DOJ claims, laundered more than $6 billion of dirty money between 2006 and May 2013. They had more than a million clients and processed 55 million […]

A round up of gaming news revealed two interesting and related items. First, Gamasutra has a long post-mortem of social games and Facebook as a platform.  Basically, the article gathers quotes from various industry players who suggest that Facebook games have jumped the shark because they substitute soul-crushing clickfests for fun gameplay.  The article ponders […]

I enjoyed this recent essay (rant?) about “personal brands.”  The author generally rejects the idea of a personal brand, at least as something that walks and quacks like a traditional brand.  Instead, he suggests that individuals focus on being honest with themselves and genuine with others. I share the author’s disdain for corporate jargon around […]

Yes, it’s a tough name for this initial post. We’ll be posting more content now that Astrolabe has launched. As for the title, looks like Blizzard continues its fight against 3P bots in World of Warcraft.  Here, the defendant not only charged its members $25 for the software plus $8.99 for a subscription (and $2.99 […]